If it's cocktails and vodka you're into, you've come to the right place!

We also have a enviable reserve of Polish, Czech and European lagers, ales and porters, not to mention some of the finest wines available in Australia. These beverages have been carefully chosen to compliment our menu and ensure an unforgettable dining experience.





Gin and tonic
Choice of pink, elderflower or dry gin. 9.50

Rum and Coke
Choice orwhite golden or spiced rum. 9.50

Canadian club
With dry ginger ale. 9.50

Flavoured vodka and soda
Choice of lemon, cranberry or raspberry vodka. 9.50


Bison & Apple
żubrówka vodka with apple juice & fresh lime. 10

Teacher’s Pet
Cranberry vodka, lime, ruby red grapefruit juice. 10

The drink With No Name
Chilli vodka, pink grapefruit, dry ginger ale & fresh lime. 10

Herbert’s Angel
Dzięgielówka Angelica vodka, fresh lime, cucumber & tonic. 10

Apple Pie
Becherowka and apple juice. 12


Strawberry Daquiri
Golden rum, strawberries, lime juice, elderflower cordial. 12

Coconut Daquiri
Golden rum, coconut, pineapple, lime juice and elderflower cordial. 12

Tequila, lime juice and cointreau (salted rim). 12

Guava Margarita
Tequila, guava and elderflower cordial. 12

Cocktails That Assault The Senses

Keith Richards
Green faery absinthe & benedictine with orange.
(Limit 3 per customer). 20

Tallulah Thai 
Coconut vodka, lemon vodka, angelica vodka, apple juice, lemongrass, chilli, lime & elderlower. 20 

Horny Little Devil
Angelica vodka, dry vermouth, lime, sugar and olives. 18

Bee Sting Martini
Honey vodka, chilli vodka, and honey rim. 17

Espresso Martini (Happy Hour)
Bison Grass vodka, vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur & espresso. Not super sweet, if you want a sweet espresso martini, try the furious hippo. 18

ChiIli Chocolate Martini
Like putting chocolate into an electrical storm! (AKA Shockolate martini) 18

Bloody Mary
Garlic & chilli vodka, tomato juice, pickle brine, lemon, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, salt, salad. 16


Rhubarb & Apple Sour
Rhubarb & Apple Vodka, Lime, Dash of Green Apple Liqueur. 17

Amerretto Sour
Amaretto, lemon, sugar, egg white. 20

Whiskey Sour
Choice of whiskey - Monkey Shoulder or Rittenhouse Rye, lemon, sugar, egg white. 22

Tequila, grapefruit juice, sugar syrup, lime. 16


Old Fashioned
Whiskey, sugar, bitters. 18

Dry gin, cocchi vermouth di torino, campari. 20

Cherry Negroni
Cherry vodka, campari, fennel vodka, orange bitters, whiskey bitters, Negrita tequila, amaretto, sweet vermouth. 20

Fruity & Citrus Cocktails

Passion Victim
Vodka, vanilla vodka, passionfruit, sparkling wine. 18

Papa Mango
Lemon vodka, mango, passionfruit, peach bitters. 18

Polish Long Island
Pear vodka, plum vodka, fennel vodka, white rum, tequila, lemon juice & gingerbeer, grenedine. 18

The Never Ending Story
A tangy elderflower sherbet foam covers a melange of grapefruit, and cranberry vodka, lemon, lime, rosemary, raspberry. 18

Compendium (happy hour)
Bison Grass vodka, green apple liqueur, vanilla vodka, lime & apple juice, a hint of absinthe in a sugar glazed martini glass; our signature drink. 18 

Serenity now (happy hour)
A mildly insane mix of fallen angel vodka muddled with mint,
cucumber, rosehip, pomegranate, fresh lime & lemon juice 18

For Your Health! (Happy hour)
Elderflower, violet liqueur, angelica vodka & orange blossom, the only married news team! 18

Fools Gold
Pear vodka, bourbon, ginger syrup, lemon, honey. 18

Lychee Martini (happy hour)
Ginger vodka, lemon vodka, lychee syrup, lemon & elderflower
the best on town; there’s smooth talkin’ funny walkin’ booze around. 18

Pine Lime Splice
A tropical blend of pineapple vodka and fresh lime, shaken until fluffy with egg white. 17

Sex in Kraków
Cranberry vodka and cointreau shaken with cranberry & lime. 16

Velvet Fog
Absinth, melon vodka, apple liqueur, pineapple juice, shaken with sugar & lemon juice. 18


Your Mother Was A Hamster & Your Father Smelt of Elderberries
Raspberry leaf infused vodka, black cherry syrup, lemon & lemonade. 9

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Strawberries, raspberries, mint, żubrówka, and lemon vodka. 17

A Slavic interpretation of the caipirinha, with vodka as the liquor, sugar and with added mint. Also available in lychee, apple, orange and pomegranate. 16

Passionfruit Mule
Fresh lime, passionfruit, mint, pomegranate and Bison Grass vodka. 16

White rum, lime, sugar, mint. 16

Moscow Mule
Chilli vodka & fresh lime with ginger beer. 16

Boozehound on the Ground
Like Polish Pimm’s: żołądkowa gorzka, fallen angel, cucumber, citrus, lemonade & ginger ale for summer, or alternatively winter. 16

La Boheme
Piołunówka, Dom Bénédictine, lime. 18

Jugs of cocktail

Moulin Rouge
Cherry vodka, cranberry, grapefruit; a few of these should have you swinging your leg above your ear in no time. 25

Jug of sin
A diabolical tale of apples & vodka; one sip should see you
banished from heaven. 25

Tequila, lime juice and cointreau. 25

Jug of Gin
Gin, strawberries, sugar, moscato and rosemary. 25

Honey, you’re hot!
Honey vodka, chilli vodka, ginger, lemon. 25

GIN cocktails 

Summer Lovin’
Pink gin, elderflower cordial, soda and mixed berries. 16

Dry gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon and creme de violette. 14

Pink Lady
Pink gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino cherry syrup. 16 

Devils Twisted Kiss 
Dry gin, hint of absinthe, orange juice & grenadine. 19

Champagne Cocktails 

Goldwasser with really, truly, actually gold in sparkling wine. 12

Sexual Misconduct with Freckles
Piołunówka (absinthe) and champagne, a glass full of inordinate mischief. 12

You’re Turning Violet, Violet
Blueberry liqueur and house forest fruit vodka with sparkling wine. 12

Nisskosher Wiśniówka Cherry Vodka with sparkling wine. 12

Aperol Spritz
Aperol, prosecco, soda, orange. 12


Polish Bitch (in Poland it’s called a “Mad Dog”)
Clear vodka with raspberry syrup, laced with tabasco. 8

Flu Shot
Honey vodka, lemon juice. 8

Hazelnut vodka, espresso, cream. 8

The Godfather 
Amaretto, whiskey, lime juice. 8

Cocktails served hot

Pleasant street tea
Turkish apple tea, pomegranate molasses & medos honey vodka, served hot or iced to your fancy. 10

Hot Mountain Tea
Watra raspberry leaf infused vodka, served traditionally hot. 8

Ginger Hot Toddy
Scotch whisky, lemon, honey, ginger. 12

Herbata Góralska z Rumem
A group of mountain poles were sitting around one night wondering what on earth one could possibly do to improve hot vodka tea, we will never know the name of the genius that came up with the idea of adding rum, but we can thank them in our fitful, dipsomaniacal dreams. 8

Dessert cocktails 

Chocolate Martini
Chocolate vodka, chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka & chocolate syrup strained over fresh cream & topped with a strawberry. 18

The Bounty
Chocolate vodka, coconut vodka, choc syrup, cream. 18

Honey on Toast
Honey vodka with cinnamon, cream and crème de cacao
shaken into a honey rimmed martini glass. 17

Lemon Meringue Pie
Advocaat, vanilla vodka, lemon juice and cream shaken together like alcoholic lassi. 17 

Black Russian
Vodka, coffee liqueur, fresh coffee beans. 17

F**king Discustard & Deep in Dispear 
Pear vodka, advocaat, fennel vodka,clove vodka, nutmeg. 19

White Russian
Vodka, coffee liqueur, milk. 17

Andy Warhol
Chocolate vodka, passionfruit and white creme de cacoa. 17

Mint Choc Top
Mint vodka, chocolate, fresh mint and creme de cacao. 17



Dry Martini  (gin or vodka base)
Choice of lubuski or baczewski dry gin, dolin dry vermouth
with a choice of lime twist or olives as a garnish. 18

Dirty Martini (vodka or gin base)
Choice of Victory Biała Dama, or extra Żytnia vodka, olive or pickle brine
with an olive garnish. 18

Żubrówka Martini
Bison Grass Vodka with a twist of lime. 18

Gibson Martini
Baczewski Dry Gin, Dolin Dry Vermouth with a cocktail onion. 18

Śiwucha Martini
The world’s finest oak rested vodka, Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino
with a twist of orange. 18

Vesper Martini
Bičkovka vodka, dry gin, cocchi americano bianco
with a twist of lemon. 18


Choose your base - vodka or gin, and craft your own exquisite martini. 18


Dolin Dry Vermouth, or nothing at all.

Dolin Vermouth Blanc, Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino.

Olive brine or pickle brine.

Cocchi Americano, Fee Brothers Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters, The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters, Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Bitters, grapefruit bitters.

Olives, lemon twist, lime twist, or cocktail onion.

Stirred or Shaken
Seriously - unless you’re James Bond and it’s overproof, have it stirred.






Australian Pale Ale 330ml 4.5% 8

Goose IPA
American India pale ale 330ml 5.9% 9

Sleeping Giant IPA
English India pale ale 330ml 5.4 9


Weissbier, Germany 500 ml (5% abv). 11

Wheat beer, Poland 500 ml 5.2% 12



Budějovický Budvar
Lager Czech Rep. 330 ml 5% 8

Mexican style beer, Poland 330 ml 4.5% 8 

Lager Czech Rep. 500 ml 4.8% 9.5

Lager Poland 500 ml 5.6% 11

Okocim Lager
Lager Poland 500 ml 5.6% 11 

Lager Poland 500 ml 5.7% 11

Pilsner, Poland 500 ml 6% 11


Żywiec Porter
Porter, Poland 330 ml 9.5% 12

Kozel Dark
Mild Porter, Czech Rep. 500 ml 3.8% 8.5

Warka Strong
Dark malt, Poland 500 ml 6.5% 12


Coopers Light Beer
Adelaide, SA 330 ml 2.9% 5.5


Angry Cock Cider
Yarra Valley, Vic 330 ml 5% 9.5

Somersby Pear Cider
Denmark, 330ml 4.5% 10



Nv Westwood Cuvee Blanc
Blanc De Blancs, Victoria. 8 

Henri Le Blanc Blanc De Blancs
NV Burgundy, France. 10

Ciao Bella Prosecco
Venice, Italy. 10


Jules Igp Rosé
2017 Provence, France. 9


Yarrawood Pinot Noir
2017 Yarra Valley, Victoria. 9

Barton & Guesteir Gamay
Beaujolais, France 11.5 

Rock Ferry Cawtes Cave
Pinot Noir Organic, Otago NZ 12 

Zema Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
2014 Coonawarra. 13

The Lindsay Collection Shiraz
2016 Barossa Valley. 10

Pindarie Tempranillo Sangiovese Shiraz
2016 Barossa Valley. 12 


Opawa River Sauvignon Blanc
2017 Marlborough, New Zealand. 8

Stella Bella Sauvignon Blanc
2017 Margaret River. 12

Borgo Viscone Pinot Grigio
2016 Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. 10 

50 Degrees Riesling
2015 Rheingau, Germany. 9

Hemera Chardonnay
2016 Adelaide Hills. 9 




Cheese Board

Oak matured cheddar, triple cream brie, Persian feta, dried organic
sultanas, pear and quince paste, served with Lavosh crackers. (V) 18.5

Vegetable Platter

Grilled asparagus & zucchini, roasted red peppers, marinated eggplant, jalapeno potato croquetts, hummus served with grilled pide. (V) 18.5




NV Westwood Cuvee Blanc
Blanc De Blancs, Victoria. 8/32 

Henri Le Blanc Blanc De Blancs
NV Burgundy, France. 10/40

Ciao Bella Prosecco
Venice, Italy. 10/40

Segura Viudas Gran Reserva Brut Vintage Cava
Spain. 45 

Piper-HeidSiec Champagne
France. 70 


Mr Fox Moscato
2016, Victoria. 32

NV Yarrabank Crème De Cuvee
Yarra Valley, Victoria. 45 

Di Sciascio Moscato
Australia, 375ml. 20

Criminal Wines Moscato
South Australia. 50


50 Degrees Riesling
2015 Rheingau, Germany. 9/36

Pikes White Mullet
2016 Clare Valley, Australia 32

Firebird Pinot Gris
2015 Adelaide, Australia. 55

Richard Hamilton Riesling
2016 Watervale, Clare Valley. 43

Ritterorden Grüner Veltliner
2015 Mailberg, Austria. 50

Goaty Hill Chardonnay
2016 Tamar Valley, Tasmania. 70

Barton & Gustier Muscadet Melon De Bougogne
2015 France. 65

Cave De Belenheim Pinot Blanc
2016 Asace, France. 75 

Weingut Hans Wirsching Scheurebe
2016 Germany. 65

Matosesevic Cirrus Malvasia
2013 Croatia. 45

L’escalier Au Ciel Sauvignon Blanc
2012 France. 60 

Pierre Blanches Chardonnay
2013 France. 50

Rock Ferry Cawtes Cave Organic Sauvignon Blanc
2016 Marlborough, New Zealand. 45

Jonathan Trolley Fiano
2015 Clare Valley, South Australia. 35 

Drayton’s Pioneer Semilion
2016 Hunter Valley, Australia. 32 

The Exiled Angel Blend
South Australia. 30

Living River Organic Chardonnay
2017 Riverland, Australia. 30 

St Magnus Chardonnay
2016 Adelaide Hills, Australia. 30 

Borgo Viscone Pinot Grigio
2016 Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. 10/40

Opawa River Sauvignon Blanc
2017 Marlborough, New Zealand. 8/32

Stella Bella Sauvignon Blanc
2017 Margaret River. 12/48

Rock Ferry Cawtes Cave Riesling
2014 Marlborough, New Zealand. 45

Domaine Félix Chardonnay
2014 Petit Chablis, France. 70

Hemera Chardonnay
2016 Adelaide Hills. 9/36 


Jules Igp Rosé
2017 Provence, France 9/36

Squeeze Me, Squish Me, Make Me Wine Rosé
Australia. 30 

The Exiled Angel Rosé
Australia. 30 

Rose Amongst The Thorns Rosé
Australia. 35


Yarrawood Pinot Noir
2017 Yarra Valley, Victoria. 9/36

Te Mania Reserve Pinot Noir
2015 Nelson, New Zealand. (Organic) 60

Moore’s Hill Pinot Noir
2016 Tasmania. 75

Barton & Guestier Gamay
2016 Beaujolais Villages, France. 11.5/45

Zema Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
2014 Coonawarra. 13/52

Alan & Veitch Merlot
2014 Adelaide Hills. (VE) 54

Domaine Gérard Côte Rôtie Shiraz
2013 France. 120

Barton Steer Mataro
2015 Limestone Coast, Australia. 30 

The Exiles Angel Blend
Australia. 30 

Rock Ferry Cawtes Cave Organic Pinot Noir
2015 Otago New Zealand. 12/48

Helm Cabernet Shiraz
2013 Canberra, Australia. 55

Peter Dennis Grenache
2014 Mclaren Vale, Australia. 65

Domaine La Florane Cotes De Rhone Grenach Shiraz
2015 Rhône, France. 45

The Lindsay Collection Shiraz
2016 Barossa Valley. 10/40

Yaldara Ruban Cab Sauv
Shiraz 2014 Barossa Valley. 45

Humis Shiraz
2015 Heathcote. 52

Pindarie Tempranillo Sangiovese Shiraz
2016 Barossa Valley. 12/48

Brackenwood Vineyards Rosso
Adelaide Hills, Ausralia. 40

Einzellage Wines Grenache
Barossa Valley, Australia. 50

Fu Shiraz
2016 Barossa Valley, Australia. 120

Jl Quinson Gamay
2017 Beaujolais, France. 45

Limb Vineyards Shiraz
2016 Barossa Valley, Australia. 40

Lot 1932 Blend
2016 Barossa Valley, Australia. 35

Normans Old Vine Cab Sauv
Mclarren Vale, Australia. 40


Te Mania Ice Reisling
2011 Nelson, New Zealand. 45

Watershed Late Harvest Viognier
2018 Margeret River, Australia. 35





Lemon Crusher
A whole lemon muddled with sugar & shaken with crushed ice, finished with soda. 10

Sub Lime
Brown sugar, lime & mint, muddled with crushed ice also available in: lychee, apple, or orange & pomegranate. 10

Fifty Four
Cloudy apple, mango, soda. 10

Virgin Mary
Your favourite hangover cure…without the hangover. 10

Very Berry Yum Yum
A fruity minty strawberry & raspberry delight. 10

Cherry Blossoms in Springtime
A whole lime & morello cherry syrup, served tall with crushed ice. 10

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
Black elderberry syrup, lemon & fizzy stuff. 10

Pashing a Donkey
Lime, passionfruit, pomegranate, ginger beer. 10


Guava, elderflower cordial and ginger. 10

Cherry and Coconut
Cherry, coconut and elderflower cordial. 10

Cocktail-esqe VIRGINS

Magda Szubanski
Passionfruit & chocolate, an experience that delights one’s soul & challenges both one’s intellect & preconceptions. 10

Tropical Teaser
Pineapple juice, lime juice, sugar, egg white, shaken until fluffy. 10

Wódki i Nalewki



Clear PolAND Grain

Baczewski Monopolowa
Buttery, caramel & citrusy, mineral, slight hint of banana. 12

Żubrówka Czarna
A very fine clear grain vodka that despite its name is not black. 10

A heliocentrically cosmic grain vodka. 9

Piasecki Clear
A herbaceous number from old east Prussia. 9

Biała Dama
Named for the ghost of Julia Potocka who died young & heartbroken. 9

What’s the best thing about polish vodka? Tradition. 10

Chłopska Pędzona Czysta
Peppery with caramel & orange notes, sweet & punchy. 10

Spirytus 80% ABV (Rocket Fuel)
Removes excess moisture from your cells. 12

Clear poland wheat

Chopin Wheat
On y va, shall we go for it? 10

Pure spelt vodka, suitable for low fodmap diets. 10

Clear poland barley

Żołądkowa Jęczmienna
Slightly malty, grassy vodka. Clean. 9

Clear poland rye

The vodka that every Pole grew up suckling from mother’s breast. 8

Chopin Rye
A beautifully composed vodka. 10

Extra Żytnia
Rye character, could start a revolution. 8

Clear poland potato

Chopin Potato
With the creamy goodness of forty potatoes in every bottle. 11

Victory Super Premium
All potato vodkas are equal, but some are more equal than others. 11

Purim (Kosher) 50% ABV
Beautifully smooth, caramel notes. 11

Luxury potato vodka, light lemon notes. 9

Clear russia grain

Russian Standard - Platinum
Arguably based on Dmitri Mendeleev’s original formula,
made from wheat. 8

Clear latvia grain

Bičkovka 73% ABV
Lovely vanilla scented, fiery as hell. 12.5 

Light herb & spice infusions

Beautiful horseradish vodka. 9

Chrzanówka na żurawinie
A luscious cranberry & horseradish vodka. 9

Ginger infused vodka. 8

Palace Pepper
Potato vodka with pepper, subtle. 8

Ambrosja pieprzówka
Slightly honeyed wheat vodka with black pepper, good with sour cream. 8

The mounted warrior of sweet fennel vodka. 8

Grain vodka infused with angelica. 9

Żubrówka (the bison)
Bison Grass infused grain vodka, tastes of marzipan, cinnamon & vanilla. 9

Ukrainian honey pepper
Spicy honey & chilli infusion, some people love this. 8

Earthy & spicy, just like you always wanted your chilli vodka to be. 8

Ukranian Birch
Yes, it’s a tree flavoured vodka! 8

Żubrówka Liście Klonu
This is getting ridiculous. Maple leaf vodka. 9

Żubrówka Złota Kora Dębu
Seriously? Another? Oak bark infused? WTF Poland? 9

Żubrówka Pędy Sosny
Alright, I give up. You wanna drink pine shoot vodka, you go right ahead! 9

Żubrówka Biała z Nutką Jałowca
Clear vodka with a hint of juniper. 9

Chłopska Pędzona Samogon
Samogon is polish for hooch. This is a little fruity and caramel. 8

Chłopska Pędzona Bimber
Lightly infused with plums and stuff. 8

Quinces, pears & apples

Soplica Jabłkowa
Sweet spring apples. Like schanpps.. 8

Chłopska Pędzona Szarlotka
Tastes for all the world like apple crumble. 8

Soplica Pigwowa
Quince liqueur, sweet and sour. 9

Piasecki Pigwówka
Honeyed quince vodka, and if that sounds good to you, you are highly likely to enjoy this. 8

Pigwowka Polska
Rich sweet and sour quince liqueur. 8

Jago Pigwówka
Wild quince vodka, a quincy delight. 8

Extra żytnia Pigwówa
Quincy enough to have produced Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ 8

R.Jelinek Gruszka
This pear ‘czeched’ out long ago. 9

Nalewka i inne Pigwowcowa
Contains no pig, only quinces. 8

Nalewka i inne Tarninowa
Crab apple, contains no crab, only tiny sour apples. 8


Luxury honey liqueur vodka. 8

Ambrosja Miodowa
A less sweet version of honey vodka. 8

Purim Honey (Kosher)
Subtle honey, floral notes, dark toffee. 8

Nalewka i inne Miodowa
A very classy way to drink highly alcoholic honey. 8

Nalewka i inne Pieprzówka na Miodzie
An alarming combination of black pepper and honey, genuinely interesting. 8

Lemon & other citrus

House Cytrynowa
Organic lemon infusion. 8

Baczewski Pomarańczówka
Orange liqueur, citrus and subtle herbal notes. 10

Sobieski Mandarin
Sweet, full bodied Mandarin flavour. 10


Śliwkowa Naklewka Góralska
A dry plum vodka from the mountains, the cold, cold mountains where the people are drunkards and the vodka is strong. 8

Saska Śliwka Węgierka
Apparently a noble Hungarian plum drink, punchy for a liqueur. 8

Soplica Śliwkowa
Those geniuses at Soplica have managed to extract
the crazy from a plum. 8

Beskidzka Sliwkowa
Vodka with śliwa plum brandy. 8

Piasecki Śliwkowa
Honey and plum, not too sweet. 8

Nalewki i inne Śliwkowa
The kind of plum you hope you’ll pull out when you stick in your thumb. 8

Jago Sliwkowa
Liqueur made from śliwa plums. 8  

Soplica Mirabelkowa
With wild mirabelles (a small sweet yellow plum). 8 

Sliwowica Podbeskidzka
A whopping 72%. delicious plum brandy. 12
Also available in 50% or 32%. 10

Passover Slivoviitz
A beautifully aged plum vodka 70%. 12

Berries & cherries

Gruba Pszczoła Truskawa
Wild strawberry infused vodka. 8

Nalewka i inne Poziomkowa
Wild strawberry infused vodka like baba used to make. 8

Soplica Malinowa
Delicious raspberry vodka. 8

Nalewka i inne Malinowa
Raspberry infused vodka like baba used to make. 8

Extra Żytnia Malinowa
The sweet, sweet taste of raspberry. 8

Jago Malinowa
Organic raspberry vodka...amazing. 8

Nalewki i inne Porzeczkowa
Black currant, full of ribenaberry goodness
(N.B. May not contain any actual goodness). 8

Soplica czarna Porzeczka
Blackberry infused vodka. 8

Żołądkowa z Czarna Wiśnia
Black cherry - a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. 8

Our own cranberry infused vodka. 8

Nalewka i inne Żurawinowa
A long slow cranberry infusion, aged, made by hand. 8

Baczewski Jeżynówka
Fine blackberry infusion. 10

Jarzębiak Czysty Luxus
Clear vodka subtly infused with rowan berries. 8

Lubelski Jarzębiak
Rowan berry infused vodka, ostensibly oak aged. 8

Nalewka i inne Jarzębinowa
Rowan berries, as it turns out, are yum. 8

Telimena Sour Cherry and Honey
Truly luxurious, get one in before you die. 10

Gruba Pszczoła Dzika Wiśnia
Tastes like maraschino cherries, almondy. 8

Wiśniak na Rumie
Cherry liqueur vodka with added rum. 8

Ambrosja Wiśniowa
Morelo cherry vodka, this is a very good example. 8

Nalewka i inne Wiśniowa
Sour cherries having an identity crisis. 8

Nalewka i inne Wiśniowa na Rumie
Vodka with cherry & rum, what’ll those whacky Poles do next? 8

Stone fruits

Gruba Pszczoła Morela
Apricot vodka. 8

Baczewski Morelówka
Super premium apricot vodka...which obviously means
we charge a premium. Worth it! 10


Van Gogh Melon
You’ll swear the melon vendor is yelling in your left ear after this one. 9

Vodka tea

A sweet raspberry leaf infusion from the Beskidy mountains. 8

Herbata góralska z rumem
Vodka tea with rum you ask? Why, yes! Yes we can. 8

Jago Herbaciana
The business. Sweet Polish tea infused vodka. Noble and distinguised. 8

Assorted nuts 

Soplica Orzech Laskowy
Ferraro Rocher in a glass. Mic drop! 8

Orzechowa nisskosher
Green walnut, sweet and smooth. 8

Ambrosja orzechowa
Made from immature walnuts, tragically taken before their time. 8

Van Gogh Coconut
You put the vodka in the coconut and drink them both up. 8

Sweet and creamy

Eggnog liqueur with brandy & vanilla. 6.5 

Coffee, vanilla & chocolate

Vodka.Pl Coffee
Like freshly brewed with ½ tsp sugar. 8

Van Gogh Double Espresso
A lovely espression of flavour. 9

Van Gogh Vanilla
Worth trying by itself. 9

Van Gogh Chocolate
Like alcoholic Lindt 70%. 9

Herbal after dinner vodka

Wódka żołądkowa gorzka
An orange and honey flavoured delight, one of Poland’s favourites. 8

Wódka żołądkowa gorska z miętą
Minty fresh żołądkowa, great for kissy people. 8

Balsam Żołądkowy
A herbal remedy for the stomach, or so they say. 8

Nalewka i inne Korzenna
‘Korzenna’ means roots or spices. 8

Jago Myśliwska
An enticing blend of juniper and spices gets you ready for the hunt. 8

Jago Porterówka
Sweet vodka with porter (dark beer) and spices. 8

Nalewka i inne Jesienna
Full of autumn’s bounty. 8

Czech herbal vodka, laden with spice. 9

Riga Black Balsam
Opinion is divided. Latvian’s seem to delight in it, few non-Latvians understand. 8

Riga Black Balsam Blackcurrant
Much sweeter and less malevolent than the original. Like a throat lozenge. 8

Oak matured vodka

Subtly flavoured with fruit eau de vie, oak rested, voted best in the world. 9

Rowan infused and aged in oak, tastes rather like a sligthly sweet whisky. 8

Starka “the old one’

In the old days, when a baby was born to a noble family, they would fill an oak barrel with rye vodka distilled in a pot still. They would bury it in the ground until the child married. The result was starka - meaning “the old one”. Poland’s answer to congac.

Starka Single Malt
Not really starka, more like spiced rum without the spice…or the rum. 8

Koneser Starka
Also not real starka, mixes well with cola. 8


These french absinthes are to be “louched” or made cloudy by adding water. They are the green variety  tasting strongly of aniseed, which contain hydrophobic oils that go into suspension when they dilute.

Teichenné Spain 70%
Strong aniseed, sweet and very strong. 12

Grande Absente France 69%
A fairly true old style french absinthe, bitter and not too sweet, plenty of wormwood. 12


These bohemian or eastern-style absinthes are made to enjoy as they are. In Poland they are called piołunówki. Unlike the french style above, they are not distilled after adding wormwood, and are consequently far more bitter and intense.

Piołunówka Nisskosher 50%
Like bad judgement in a bottle; if you remember it, you haven’t really drunk it. 10

Baczewski Piołunówka
Fragrant and subtle with clove notes. 9

Green Faery 70%
If you haven’t tried it here before, you probably haven’t tried it. It’s intensely bitter and bitterly intense. We usually set it on fire which is a traditional marketing gimmick from the Czech Republic in the 1990s. 14 



Spirit Tasting Plates

Clear Vodka
Luxusowa (potato)
Chopin Wheat (wheat)
Extra Zytnia (rye) 16

Herbal Vodka
Visent (bison grass)
Zubrowka Liscie Klonu (maple)
Kiermusowka Chrzanowka (horseradish) 16 

Dessert Vodka
Telemina Rozowa (rose petals/winter romance)
Jago Herbaciana (tea leaves)
Soplica Sliwkowa (plum) 16 

Rooster Rojo Anejo (amber, Mexico)
Rooster Rojo Blanco (white, Mexico)
Rooster Rojo Reposado (golden, Mexico) 16 

Sipsmith (dry, London)
Nosferatu (blood orange, Melbourne)
Generous (floral, France) 18 

El Nino de Fuego 7 years (dark, Cuba)
Beach House Spiced (spiced, Mauritius)
St James Distillery Blanc (white, France) 18 

Longmorn (Scotch)
Prestige 7 years (Canadian)
Tottori (Japanese) 20

Add a mixer 1.5

Inne Trunki




Highland Scotch Whiskey Special Blend 8.50

Canadian Club (Canada) 7

Jack Daniels (USA) 8

Longmorn (Scotch) 10 

Prestige 7 Years (Canada) 10

Tottori (Japan) 10 


Martell VS (Cognac, France) 10

Paul Giraud XO Grande Champagne
(Cognac, France) 20 

Courvoisier Connoisseur Collection 12 Years
(Jarnac, France) 10 


Captain Morgan’s Spiced 6.5

Bacardi Carta Blanca 7

El Nino De Fuego 7 years (Dark, Cuba) 10 

Beach House Spiced (Spiced, Mauritius) 10 

St James Distillery Blanc (White, France) 10



Status London Dry Gin 9 

After the Tears Bathtub Black Gin 69% ABV 12

Sipsmith (Dry, London) 10 

Nosferatu (Blood orange, Melbourne) 10 

Generous (Floral, France) 10 


(Italy). 60ml Padova. 9

(Italy). 60ml Milan. 12

Cocchi Americano
(Italy). 60ml Asti. 13

Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino
(Italy). 60ml Ironically Asti. 14

Slivovitz (Plum Brandy)

Śliwowica Podbeskidzka
Woody, redolent of pine, forest floor. 8

Śliwowica Podbeskidzka (50% abv)
Deep flavour, prunes and old wood with some syrupy caramel notes. 9

Śliwowica Podbeskidzka (72% abv)
A surprisingly gentle aroma - you don’t need much to be happy. 12

Passover Slivovitz 12 Year Old (70% abv)
Intense prune aroma, very long finish with vanilla, dry fruit. 12


Epsolon Tequila Blanco 8

Rooster Rojo Anejo (Amber, Mexico) 10

Rooster Rojo Blanco (White, Mexico) 10

Rooster Rojo Reposado (Golden, Mexico) 10


Soft Drink, Tea & Coffee


Soft DrinkS

Coke  3.5
Diet Coke  3.5
Lemonade  3.5
Lemon Lime and Bitters, Tonic  3.5
Ginger Ale  3.5
Bundaberg ginger beer  3.5


San Pelligrino 750ml 8
San Pelligrino - by Glass 3.5


Orange 4.5
Cloudy apple  4.5
Ruby red grapefruit  4.5
Pineapple  4.5
Cranberry  4.5


Small chai  4
Large chai  4.5
Add bonsoy .50

Tea By T2

English breakfast 4
Earl grey 4
Peppermint 4
Chamomile 4
Turkish apple 4
Lemongrass & ginger  4
China jasmine 4

Coffee By Romcaffè

Espresso  3.5
Macchiato  3.5
Latte 4
Cappuccino  4
Flat white  4
Long black 4
Long macchiato 4
Large coffees 5
Hot chocolate 5
Moccha 5
Iced coffee 8.5
Iced chocolate 8.5

Extra shot of coffee or add bonsoy, almond or lactose free milk .5